About Us

Professional folklore ensemble for music and dances "Zevzeci" was established in 2007 by a group of young people and friends.

Our artists are starting their work together led by their complete devotion to Bulgarian folklore dances. Each member has graduated a different dance school, all of them in the department of Bulgarian folklore dances. Our rich experience from previous dance ensembles and the many years spent on stage, has helped for creating folklore ensemble "Zevzeci".

Success was almost instantaneous.

After about a month of very hard work and intensive rehearsals we have received an invitation for our first official performance as "Zevzeci".

We were asked to open the official concert in the honor of Bojurishte town. After this performance the name of "Zevzeci" was officially set for the wide audience and numerous requests and invitations started coming to us.

We were also trusted to be a surprise show for a wedding in 2007. Our main goal was to show all guests the richness and uniqueness of Bulgarian folklore. From this moment on the celebration show became a standard to follow for all further anniversaries, weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations to which we had the pleasure to be invited.

Soon after these first successful months we invited some of the best players of Bulgarian folklore instruments to join our team.

As soon as they saw how determined we are to preserve and enrich the Bulgarian folklore and traditions, they were very excited to work with us. We are now proud to say that we are working with some of the best musicians in the country.

Most of our dance performers are also giving classes where people can learn how to dance the beautiful folklore dances generally known in Bulgarian language as "horo" and "rachenitsa". If you are interested we can also provide information about salsa classes, flamenco and other modern style dances.

Professional folklore ensemble for music and dances "Zevzeci" has performed hundreds of concerts all over Bulgaria and Europe.

We would also like to introduce you to some of the performers we are working together with. Such is the great folklore singer Galya Haralambieva, Duet "Rujitsa", singers of Macedonian songs Duet "Nikolovi", the amazing and unique folklore singer Valya Balkanska, the talented performers from vocal group "Zornitsa". We have also danced for a lot of video clips of different solo singers.

All this is the reason why we will continue working hard for the future. Because seeing the smile on your face and the desire to make your celebration the most special one, is our biggest reward.

Zdravko Jelyazkov,
Director and Choreographer of Professional folklore ensemble for music and dances "Zevzeci"