"Kumova rachenitsa" - the dance of your two witnesses

This dance is a very important tradition of every Bulgarian wedding. It is especially for the witnesses of the bride and groom ( your best man and the made of honor). It is danced by couples on one of the most famous Bulgarian dances - "rachenitsa". The tradition follows that dancers will be dancing with wedding gifts - ceremony bread, ceremony chicken, rakia, etc.) In the end of the ritual those gifts need to end up in your wedding witnesses ( the couple that is dancing). In order for this to happen there are 3 possible ways for them to act - to buy the gifts, to dance for them or the steal them. All this is happening while the music is playing and ou dancers are dancing with the gifts.

All this is followed by a traditional Bulgarian "horo"in the end.

Please check the video below for a sneak peak on how the ritual goes.


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