Folklore Dance Program

1. Dance Show

Our dance show includes a variety of artistic performаnces put together in a colorful compilation. You will enjoy 5 dances from the different folklore regions of Bulgaria - beautiful Dobrudza, rich Trachia, strong Macedonia and the fast rhythms of Severnyashki and Shopski regions. There will also be different games and dance competitions with all your guests where you will be the one showing us your dancing skills. Our professional dancers will be around you all the time, teaching you how to dance the unique Bulgarian dances. As with every competition, here you will also be competing for the big prize! What is the prize and who will win it? All this will be an unique surprise, arranged especially for your party. Let your guests from abroad take back a piece in their hearts of beautiful and great Bulgaria, back to their homes. Let them tell the story of the most amazing event they have been to - your celebration!


The program can be performed by different numbers of dancers and for different duration, according to your wishes.

2. MIX PROGRAM - Folklore and other style dances - Modern, Classics, Oriental and others.

Except the folklore program we can also offer you a mixture of other dancing styles. Such would be flamenco, Argentine tango, rock`nd roll, salsa, Vienna waltz, oriental dances and others.


According to your needs we can make a special offers for your celebration, based entirely on your wishes.

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